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Lime and Cement Pavement Stabilisation

We take the hard work off you by offering experience led project management through our expert team. With our cutting-edge modern cement and lime stabilisation fleet, you can be assured that we will get the project done cost-effectively and in a timely manner.

Subgrade modification
We undertake subgrade stabilisation and fill drying for buildings and infrastructure, this allows for a stable and strong base for which to build on. We are able to modify subgrades up to 500mm in depth without layering.

Subbase and Basecourse modification
We undertake subbase stabilisation of both new pavement construction and larger AWPT projects. We are aligned with repeatable cement and lime suppliers to ensure supply when required. Bomags patented Flexmix technology allows us to mix considerably more efficiently and consistently than other brands.

Lime and Cement Fill Modification

We mix lime and/or cement with existing regional ground materials to achieve optimum moisture content. This enables existing site materials to be used as opposed to having to import fill to complete a project. This saves revenue and time by allowing developments to continue towards completion and be available to be marketed sooner rather than later.

We achieve this through the innovation and fabrication of most of our fill modification fleet, which we collaborated with key engineers to develop. We also have tracked and rubber tyre plant available to do this sector of work